Pumice Stone

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The use of a pumice stones to remove a foot callus can be traced to ancient Greece.  It's the most natural and healthy way to care for your feet. It can not only give you the best exfoliant but promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue and improve sleeping.

The numerous and random small holes on the pumice stone can scrub your skin with no dead angles. Effectively soften and remove dry/hard skin, remove callus and make your body smoothly and shiny.

Pumice stones should be used on wet skin so preferably soak your feet for some time in warm water to soft skin, wet the pumice stone in soapy water at the same time then rub it over an area where you want to remove callus and dead skin in a circular motion. Afterwards use essential oil or body lotion to care for feet.

Pumice Stone Size: 9.5 x 4.6 x 1.5cm


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